Combating Covid-19

As we brace ourselves for the third wave of coronavirus / covid-19 in Malaysia, here are some tips in our combat with the disease. Prevention is the best cure, and the first mean would be to keep you family safe by frequently washing your hands, home surfaces and laundry with our extremely effective, non-toxic cleaning products.

As quoted by Dr Dan Corbett of Queen’s School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

“Simple, good old-fashioned soap and water is exceptionally effective at removing the coronavirus from your hands - more so than harsh chemicals or disinfectants that can also damage the skin.

Read more about the scientific study here (

Soapnut Republic Malaysia recommends the following four products you should be using right now.

Soapnut Republic Foaming Hand Soap

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, most of us are washing our hands more frequently than we ever have. It’s the most important way to reduce the spread of infections. But with all this extra hand washing, traditional hand soaps and antibacterial washes can be harsh and dry out your hands.

Soapnut Republic foaming hand soaps contain powerful essential oils blended with natural ingredients that are antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal. Our soaps clean and protect skin, without the drying effects caused by more conventional products.

Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Spray

Though viruses spread through droplets in the air, they can also be transmitted via what doctors call “fomites”, or infected items. A virus gets on a surface — a shoe or a doorknob or a tissue, for example. You touch the surface and then next touch your face or rub your nose. It’s a great way to acquire illness. So, we can’t stress enough the importance of cleaning often and thoroughly.


We suggest using Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Spray to clean any items that have been used outdoors, such as your phone and handbag. Also, clean your door handles and light switches frequently, and anything that you find yourself touching multiple times a day, particularly after walking in from outdoors. Then focus on things like remotes, counter tops, and sinks.

Soapnut Republic Floor Cleaner

If you or anyone in your family spends time on the floor (especially kids and pets), we highly recommend using Soapnut Republic Floor Cleaner to remove germs and other nasties that are carried in from outside.

Soapnut Republic Laundry Liquid (or Laundry Powder)

Don’t overlook the importance of doing the laundry. Right now, it’s especially important to wash your clothing daily. Also, increase the frequency of washing sheets, throw blankets, and decorative pillows – all the things that get a lot of physical contact.

Just like hand soap and other cleaning products, conventional laundry detergents can contain chemicals that are more harmful than helpful. An effective natural solution from Soapnut Republic’s laundry care range is the best thing to use for your family’s health and safety.

Indulge in Soapnut Republic's Natural Cleansing Therapy, and create a home environment that's safe for your loved ones.

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