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We all want clean homes, but it's important to consider the possible compromise on your health if you are using toxic chemical products. Our bodies absorb toxic chemicals like a SPONGE. We think it's important to know exactly what's in the products you are using, and confident that there are no possible health risk. With Soapnut Republic, there is no compromise. Our products clean exceptionally well, yet they are completely safe for the people using them and the environment too.

Kim & Bobby, Founders of Soapnut Republic

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Dish Soap & Laundry Liquid

Wonderful products! Reasonably priced as well!

Thank you Soapnut Republic for giving me such a wonderful product to utilize without harming my skin and comes with soothing fragrance as well. My experience with the normal soap detergent with strong chemicals to remove stains and oils, no doubt it works according to its function, however my hands and skin got worsen without me knowing. My skin starts to dry up and itch which is not an enjoyable experience at all. With Soapnut detergents, I get to wash my plates willingly with better experience, and do not need to ask my husband to wash them anymore :). Soapnut Detergent to wash my clothing is also one of the best. My skin feels better :).
Audrey Ong
New Baby Bundle

Free from Nasty Chemicals

Ordered from them and received my products very quickly and well packed. I like using their multipurpose spray to clean up after my baby as it gets all the dirt off and leaves a lovely smell from the essential oils. The laundry soap I purchased also works well - it cleans well and doesn’t leave any residue. Will definitely purchase their products again because it works and is free from nasty chemicals.
Tabitha Lim
Laundry Liquid

Glad to Have Found Soapnut

I’ve been suffering for skin allergic for years. I’m glad that i found soapnut and bought my very first laundry liquid 3 months ago. The product helps me allot and it works for my skin allergic. i have lesser itchiness and scars . I’m very happy that i found something that really works on me . Thank you soapnut
ハッピー 愉快
Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Not Worried Anymore

I just bought the multi purpose spray. The smell is really nice and it's safe for baby, especially when baby always like to lick the top on the table or put something they hold into their mouth. I'm not worry anymore, because it's 100% natural. I will buy another product from soapnut soon. tq soapnut republic😍
Nur Farahdiba
Hand Soap Trio Bundle

Awesome Hand Soap

Love their foaming hand soap with lemon grass; smell so refreshing. My kids especially love them so much and will wash their hand frequently which they are not used to with other soap.
Amenda Lee
Natural Stain Remover & Hand Soap Trio Bundle

Old Stains Gone!

I love their stain remover as its very effective in removing old stains. Also, super in love with their foaming handsoap as they are really gentle to my skin. No more harsh chemical leaving my hands dry..Gentle hands happy me
Sabrina Yap


Tips for Washing Kids' Clothes

Kids get messy and dirty. There's no doubt about it. Children often get themselves dirty. Think about the different surfaces their clothes come into contact with outside.

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Our Battle with Eczema

Read from our loyal customers; Alvin, Joey and Tessa of how they found Soapnut Republic when they were battling Eczema during their stay in Hong Kong.

Battle with Eczema

How do Detergents Work?

Ever wonder how do soap or detergents work? How do formulation, ingredients within detergents help us in cleaning? What about Harmful Chemicals?

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About Soapnut Republic

Soapnut Republic Home Care products are Non-Toxic, Allergen free and Biodegradable. They are completely safe to use, and they enable outstanding cleaning results that other brands only achieve with toxic chemicals.

Our unique formulations blend natural Sapindus mukorossi (soapnut berry) extract with high quality plant and mineral ingredients, and pure essential oils. Soapnut berries grow organically on trees in remote China, Nepal, India and South America where have been used for centuries for cleaning and in natural skin remedies.

Soapnut Republic is proudly owned and operated by New Zealander Bobby Mitchell and Australian Kim Gilliland. Every product we produce is designed and extensively tested with the safety of our own three young daughters in mind.

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