Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Citrus E.O. (500ml)
Designed to clean and deodorize any hard household surfaces. It is perfect for bathrooms, kitchen benchtops, living room decor, appliances, and walls. Parents love our safe formula for cleaning toys, and any surfaces within reach of babies and toddlers. Safe...
Dish Soap with Grapefruit E.O. (500ml)
Our exclusive formula removes food residue and grease; resulting in clean, fresh, and sparkling dishes. Soapnut extract produces fewer suds than other detergents, therefore less rising is required. Save on water and energy. Gentle on skin, and completely safe for...
Glass Cleaner (500ml)
Soapnut Republic Glass Cleaner powers through dirt, grime and germs, resulting in a sparkling, streak-free finish. Safe and extremely effective for use on glass surfaces such as mirrors, windows, shower screens, table tops and cabinetry, and chrome finishes such as...
Natural Stain Remover (500ml)
Powerful, concentrated cleaning agents eradicate everyday stubborn stains from your laundry and other washable fabrics. Our biodegradable formula is non-toxic and free from potentially irritating ingredients such as optical brighteners, dyes, and synthetic fragrances. Safe to use for the whole...
Foaming Hand Soap with Lavender E.O. (500ml)
Naturally antiseptic and antifungal, the calming properties of lavender essential oil blend with pure soapnut extract to create a luxurious foaming hand soap that is naturally hypoallergenic and gentle on all skin types. Fragranced with pure essential oils. Better yet,...
Fruit & Vegetable Wash (500ml)
Soapnut Republic Fruit & Vegetable Wash removes approximately three times more toxic chemical residue than using water alone. Our popular spray also removes wax from waxed fruits, and of course dirt and other nasties, ensuring you only eat foods that...
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