The Founder

When the founders of Soapnut Republic, Bobby Mitchell and Kim Gilliland, were expecting their first child, they were concerned about the environment in which their child was going to grow up in, including their home environment. Bobby had accidentally swallowed household cleaner when he was a child in New Zealand, so he wanted a chemical-free home for their baby. He set to work inventing a modern home cleaning range using 100% natural Sapindus Mukorossi (soapnut berry) extract blended with the finest selection of pure essential oils, and plant and mineral ingredients. The business has grown since Soapnut Republic’s humble beginnings, and so has the Mitchell family, with three young daughters who’s health and safety provides constant inspiration.

Watch our short film to meet the Soapnut Republic family, and to learn more about why we do what we do. If you can't open the video link, click here instead.

Our Story

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