The Danger of Chemicals in Household Products

There are plenty of household cleaning products in the market. All we want is to achieve a clean home for our loved ones. How many times during cleaning have you had the strong sting in your nose or had watery eyes when using a household cleaning product?

There is a reason behind that, and that it is toxic chemicals.

Excessive cleaning products will require you to air the area where you’re cleaning (we hope you do) in order to not inhale or accidentally consume the cleaning products you’re using.

On top of that, the chemicals which were used is then washed down our pipes and some down rivers and drains. Here is the list of chemicals which we should avoid, which most daily household products unfortunately uses:

BHA, BHT, Coal tar dyes: p-phenylenediamine, DEA-related ingredients, Dibutyl phthalate, Formaldehyde, Parabens, Parfum (a.k.a. fragrance), PEG compounds, Petrolatum, Siloxanes, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Triclosan

What if you had options? Much safer and even better for the environment that we all live in.

Soapnut Republic products uses 100% non-toxic compounds most which are found naturally. The main ingredient is Soapnut berries. For transparency, each of our product page provides a list of ingredients used in them.

Our signature soapnut berry extract is non-toxic, biodegradable, allergen free and extremely gentle on skin, clothing and household.

The Magic of Soapnuts


Soapnuts are fruit of the Sapindus mukorossi species of trees, which are in the Lychee family. It get its name because the fruit pulp is used traditionally to make soap.

Soapnut berries have been used to make natural hair and body care products for centuries. The berries are rich in natural saponin (a safe and natural alternative to conventional soap), and they effectively cleanse and moisturise without disrupting the natural pH and oil balance of your skin.

In India, they are known as reetha or ritha and used as a shampoo to prevent dandruff.

In Indonesia, they are known as lerak klerek and used as a laundry wash to preserve the beautiful colours of batik clothing.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used as a remedy for dry skin.

Soapnut Republic Malaysia Full Range

Our products formulation is all natural and 100% plant based which is perfectly suitable for families and household, especially sensitive skin people (eg: ezcema). Its powerful cleaning properties enable outstanding results that other detergent products achieve by using toxic chemicals.

All Soapnut Republic products contain soapnut extract which is heated and extracted naturally from organic soapnut berries shells. We use surfactant formulation which is also processed naturally (never synthetically) to increase the effectiveness of our product to clean and remove unwanted materials (eg:dirt). For aroma and anti-bacterial properties, you'll notice that our products formulation include antibacterial tea tree oil which provides a natural scent (never artificial fragrance).

Our Laundry products range has at least 95% active ingredients in comparison to other products in the market (15 to 20%), hence it is so effective that you do not need a lot to perform washes. What's better is that you do not need any fabric softeners as our formulation naturally softens fabric as well.

Our Foaming Hand Soap provides 70% more uses in-comparison to normal liquid washes and it includes Vitamin E and moisturizing effect so that you hands remain moisturized, especially when hand washing is so important these days.

We use PH balancing ingredient to ensure that our products remain PH neutral for sensitive group of people at home.

Soapnut Republic Products is:

SUSTAINABLE: It is produced from a renewable resource that is easily grown organically.
ALL NATURAL: With no added harmful ingredients.
ECO-FRIENDLY: The trees offset carbon emissions, and the berries require less energy and processing to create our extract.
ALLERGEN FREE: Perfect for people with allergies, respiratory issues, eczema or other skin complaints.
NOT ACTUALLY NUTS: Soapnuts are berries, so completely safe for people with nut allergies.
ODOURLESS: No irritating chemical fumes or smells.
GENTLE: It's mild nature won’t damage delicate skin, clothing or surfaces.
NO FABRIC SOFTENER REQUIRED: It naturally softens fabrics.
FRONT-LOADER FRIENDLY: Low suds are perfect for HE machines.
SAVES WATER: Dishes, clothes etc. rinse easier requiring less water.
SAVE ENERGY: You can use a shorter rinse cycle when doing laundry.
WORKS IN ANY TEMPERATURE: Use in cold, warm or hot water.
NON-POLLUTING: 100% biodegradable and safe for greywater systems.

Watch a short clip below by our co-founder Kim Gilliland on how Soapnut Republic Products are made:

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