Bathroom Bundle

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Clean Bathrooms Promote Good Health
The antiseptic ingredients in our Bathroom Bundle disinfect naturally, leaving your bathroom clean and fresh with no fumes or nasty odours. Tea Tree essential oils help fight mould and mildew, and Citrus essential oils help to remove soap scum and water marks. Our Cream Cleanser is perfect for tapware and porcelain surfaces such as baths and sinks. Products included, for a sparkling clean bathroom, free from toxic chemicals:
  • Choice of Foaming Hand Soap (500ml)
  • Bathroom & Shower Spray with Citrus E.O (500ml)
  • Glass Cleaner (500ml)
  • Cream Cleanser with Sweet Orange E.O (500ml)
  • Toilet Cleaner with Tea Tree E.O (500ml)
  • Floor Cleaner with Eucalyptus E.O (1L)
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