Laundry Bundle

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The Natural ingredients in our Laundry Care products are powerful and concentrated enough to remove the toughest stains, yet gentle enough for the most delicate of fabrics.

Our low suds formulas are perfect for front loading machines and clothes rinse easier, saving precious water. Naturally softening, so no need for fabric softener.

Laundry is the Real NeverEnding Story

Completely safe for newborns, young children and anyone with sensitive skin. Our Laundry Bundle contains five non-toxic, allergen free laundry solutions:

  • Laundry Liquid with Lemongrass E.O (1L)
  • Wool, Silk, Cashmere Delicates Shampoo (1L)
  • Natural Stain Remover (500ml)
  • Laundry Powder - Plant & Mineral Formula (1kg)
  • Laundry Soaker & In-Wash Booster (1kg)
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Laundry Bundle
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