• How to Use Fruit & Vegetables Wash

    How to Use Fruit & Vegetables Wash

    Soapnut Republic Fruit & Vegetable Wash removes oil-based pesticides, chemical residues and dirt on our fresh produce, i.e. fruits & vegetables. Not sure if you really need to wash your veggies or fruits? Watch this.    In the video we cleaned the leaf individually for illustrative purposes. You do not need to wash each leaf individually. Ok, let's clean some veggies! Step 1:Soak peel...
  • Tips For Washing Kids' Clothes

    Tips For Washing Kids' Clothes

    Kids get messy and dirty. There's no doubt about it. Children often get themselves dirty.  This is normal. And while I would never advocate excessively washing clothing, I always wash my children's clothes every day. Think about the different surfaces their clothes come into contact with outside … germs they pick up at school, rolling around on the floor at the play centre, and even...
  • Washing Sports Wear with Soapnut Republic

    Washing Sports Wear with Soapnut Republic

    Sports wear are one of the hardest and probably most expensive fabrics to maintain. They're stretchable, keeps you cool and any hard scrubbing may break the fibers which ends you with a rough surface sports wear. Here are 6 tips to keep your active wear looking and smelling great, and keeping up with your performance. Wash in cold water. Washing in hot water can break...
  • How Do Detergents Work?

    How Do Detergents Work?

    An Ancient Remedy Humans have been using soap for a long, long time. The earliest recorded evidence of the production of soap dates back to around 2800 BC in ancient Babylon. Long before humans understood modern chemistry or biology, they noticed that certain materials, when mixed with water, did a much better job of cleaning than water alone. At the most basic level, soap is...
  • Why Ingredients List Matters?

    Why Ingredients List Matters?

    Keep Dangerous Chemicals Out Of Your Household And Out Of You! If you’re keen on improving your overall health and well-being, then you need to not only look under the hood in your body, but also in your bathroom cupboards. As a consumer, you need to know that a lot of conventional product cleaners on the supermarket shelves are not safe for chronic use. ...
  • 7 Years of Soapnut Republic

    7 Years of Soapnut Republic

    And here we are, celebrating 7 years of Soapnut Republic! While we've been selling our non-toxic home care essentials for the past 7 years, our journey started a few years earlier. Let's recap on the story so far: 2012: The idea for Soapnut Republic was born around the same time as our first child, Tara. We did extensive research online and in stores to find...
  • Our Battle With Eczema

    Our Battle With Eczema

    It was in 2016 when our first daughter, Tessa was born. We were living in Hong Kong and is fortunate enough to be blessed with a little girl. Our paediatrician is Dr Chan who we were lucky enough to have overseeing our little daughter's growth and ensure she is well. Dr Chan is more of a holistic paediatrician, where he tries as much as...
  • Combating Covid-19

    Combating Covid-19

    As we brace ourselves for the third wave of coronavirus / covid-19 in Malaysia, here are some tips in our combat with the disease. Prevention is the best cure, and the first mean would be to keep you family safe by frequently washing your hands, home surfaces and laundry with our extremely effective, non-toxic cleaning products. As quoted by Dr Dan Corbett of Queen’s...
  • How To Use Multi Purpose Cleaner?

    How To Use Multi Purpose Cleaner?

    Soapnut Republic Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a no-rinse all-purpose cleaner that removes oil, mold, grime and etc, with ease. Learn how to use Soapnut Republic Multi-Purpose Cleaner effectively on: Hard surfaces,  Personal electronic devices,  Children's toys, Fabric surfaces. Removes oil, mold, dirt, and etc. Naturally anti-bacterial with Tea Tree essential oil. Naturally scented with Citrus essential oil.  
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